Grims started out as a noob, like everyone else. He did everything from Pinking to Brickspamming (He still does).  But then a player named SpiderNinja showed him the ropes and he got the hang of it pretty quick. Then, he got to know everyone. He worked on his building skills, and before you know it, he's banning Newbs for failing at building.

Name OriginEdit

Well, contrary to popular belief, Grims was not his original name . When Grims first started playing RTB he was entitled "adamer15". Then, when he joined his first server, the server admin (named "Grim") asked him to change his name to "Grims warrior" to join his "army". He did, and a few days later he joined the O2D server (run by SpiderNinja). SpiderNinja asked Grims if he wanted to join his clan (O2D). Grims agreed. The name "(O2D)Grims Warrior" didn't fit. It got cut off right after the W. So, Grims took off the W and kept the "Grims" And that's how Grims got his name.

Building StyleEdit

  • Mostly Modern
  • Space Age
  • Never Medieval


  • "Fuck your server"
  • "Fuck your admin"
  • "Fuck your EW"
  • "Fuck your couch"
  • "Oh fuck"
  • "Fuck"
  • "Fucking shit"
  • "Shut your filthy talking hole before i come there and shove my dick in it"
  • "I'm gonna shove this flute so far up your ass you're gonna fart in G major"
  • "MERQUI"
  • "I'm gay, alright? I'll admit it!"
  • "I say 'Fuck' too much because I think it makes me look cool!!!"
  • "I'm a sexual Predator"