RedNinja (Lior2397) is a jewish serpent who once roamed RTB. He was known for the drama he has caused, racism, and flaming. He is hated by a lot of the players of the game and usually any drama involves him, often consisting of Sephiroth trolling him and trying to put him in an oven.

The picture to the right is actually him LOL

Redninja is hated by most of this game because Quote: "Fuck you all. I hate RTB and I can't seal my hatred inside any longer.."



RedNinja hates most polish and muslim people. He doesn't show strong likings to anybody who isn't jewish, or who doesn't love judaism. RedNinja's main enemy has been Sephiroth. Althrough our friendship has been sort of like a 'Teen Drama'. For instance "Z0MG I H8 U!! WANNA B FRINDS! OK! WTF, I H8 U ASSHOLE /FLAME" and repeat.


RedNinja is or whas in O2D, DS, and other clans. He also leaded a clan called 'LB' which had a fair amount of people in it. Sephiroth later took control of the clan and ran it into extinction.

Records of hatings:

RedNinja was being hunted by NU, The "Nazi Union" clan made by dorso. 3 Clans have been united and made this all happen. Dorso's clan (actually he was in CoA clan), Mass!e's clan, and Offkät's clan.

Some people helped RedNinja with dorso, like Android, Falco, SpiderNinja, Mecha. Dorso was part of CoA -clan.

Sephiroth was neutral, or war-sexual as in he helped both people out. Wow, I'm an attention whore, aren't I?

The Fall of RTB:

Android, a big player from RTB, left RTB. After him, a huge scripter named SpiderNinja left aswel. Then RedNinja left it, and TBG came out. This days (2010), rtb is dead, and TBG, but people thought TBG will make retailers

go there, and like allways, noone came, its dead, and the lego community fails again. FAIL EPIC FAIL


RedNinja is still on AndoRTB, besides the times hes banned, for flamings usually.