A player of RTB who has played since 2006-2007. He used to be a very nice, respected player. Since he has become one of the most popular, he got corrupted and started getting arrogant. Nowadays he is nice to the majority of senior members (Which all worship him). He is great at modding, and good at building. He is pretty much 'RTB's King'. Well, the senior's king.


He started playing in 2006. At first he was bad at building, but soon got good. He ran a clan called 'O2D' which was soon very popular. He was originally loved already. Around 2007 he was popular and was friends with 30+ people. By 2008 he started scripting and modding the hell out of the game. In that time he was accepted as the Senior's master. That is when he started getting arrogant. By 2009 he was an expert at the game. By 2010, he will lead an army of E-nazis!!