TBM, short for The Better Mod, was a spinoff mod which ran alongside others such as RTB and AIO during the 0002 era. Currently, the original community has dwindled to extinction due to both misunderstanding and faults of the developers and the passage of time. It is advised to not mention this mod in the company of most Blockland users, as the mere mention of TBM is enough to stir up lots of drama.

Controversy Edit

During a point in TBM's history, AiO stole some content from TBM for personal use. In response, TBM devs had created a script to combat AiO. The malicious code would basically destroy your AIO files if you had both TBM and AIO installed on your system. Although never functional, it was discovered and brought to Badspot's attention. Due to the nature of the problem, he banned TBM from the Blockland Forums and blacklisted it from the community.

The Outcome Edit

This event is likely one of the many major events that lead to the current Add-On system. This includes the rules against Compiled DSO files for use in Add-On's to allow for full use and check of abusive scripts, as well as keeping listings of bad Add-Ons to protect the users.