2004 Edit

The release of Vanilla Blockland, on November 15th, marks the beginning of the game.

2005 Edit

A popular TV show dedicated to technology and gaming, The Screen Savers, showcases Blockland in February, bringing in countless users and really kick-starting the community.

In the middle of the year, TBM (The Better Mod), Return to Blockland, and most of the major spinoffs of Vanilla Blockland are released, being expanded on for years to come.

2006 Edit

The last update to RTB comes out, version 1.04 is released in the late spring with 1.045 automatically patched in weeks later.

2007 Edit

The release of Retail Blockland occurs nearly two years after TSS demonstrates the game. When Retail finally came out, it created a split in the community, with half of the userbase choosing to stay behind in the old world and the other half ceasing ties to the original game. This creates a passionate bitter hatred that inflicted much chaos and drama in the greater Blockland community for a decade to come.

A community known as Blockland Central is formed, where most of the RTB players congregate until the site closes a few years later.

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2011 Edit

By this point, AndoRTB is practically dead, and the 0002 community doesn't fare any better.

2012 Edit

Retail Blockland is changed forever with an update that removes Maps and Interiors from the game to support Shader effects. The retail community erupts in anger at each other and the game loses a lot of traction from here on out.

2013 Edit

Badspot is able to get Blockland greenlit on Steam, bringing in 200,000+ players. However, the player base is actually half of what it was 3-4 years prior.

2014 Edit

The Orange Block's website and forums are shut down. The last bastion of the 0002 community is wiped out.

Ephialtes, the project leader of RTB, shuts down RTB's development process, and retires from his role as moderator on the Blockland Forums, leaving the community for good (asides from popping up on rare occasion).

2015 Edit


2016 Edit

A few parties are hosted by the AndoRTB and Sephiroth communities. A few new maps and modifications come about.

2017 Edit

Sephiroth creates a Discord server for 0002 users to utilize to keep the community alive. Occasional parties and get-togthers are organized and pulled off, bringing much-needed life to the now-abandoned game.

The chatbox on Sephiroth's website, sephrtbmods, dies out, leaving one of the only sources of RTB community stunted even further.